For those who know how, Facebook certainly is very easy to use and user friendly. However it can be confusing and a bit tricky knowing that they continuously make updates and changes to the site.

Facebook Fan pages are great. They can be regularly updated and clear for those who want to view them. They give a voice to the product or company using them.

So it makes sence that the people who use these pages would use them as a platform to have competitions and give-a-ways. In this way they become more appealing and can attract more people. However Facebook have many rules and stipulations in place that stop Fan pages from doing that unless they have gone through the appropriate channels.

Two such examples that are not allowed on the fan page are fans using the Like button and uploading photos to the fan page. For example, the company could say “the first ten people to Like this status, win a prize”. While this might seem like a simple and great idea, it goes against the terms and conditions laid out by Facebook. If you want to have a competition on your page, there are certain terms and rules that one must follow first.

If you are unsure about your page please see here for Facebook terms. If you want more specific information about Competitions and Promotions then please click here.

If you are looking for ways to spice up your fan page, by having an app put on it or you want to start up some competitions, please feel free to contact us! Or even if you are looking to have a brand new fan page set up!