If you’ve got customer reviews on your Facebook page, which are no where else, then copy and paste them and save them quick!

Facebook have announced that as of the 31st October 2011 they’re removing the reviews tab from Facebook Pages, so as to encourage people to use the wall instead. They’ve also removed the Discussions tab. Because, lets face it, most discussion and comment has always been on the wall anyway so discussions and reviews were probably very underused. 

They claim they’ve got something exciting up their sleeve to improve how we can then organise wall content in the future, so we’ll have to wait and see what that is!

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any reviews on your Facebook page, make sure you’ve got a copy of them before the end of the month or ask the person who left them to leave a comment on your wall instead. (If you leave them on your wall instead, be sure to cite the original author so as you can’t be accused of leaving a review about yourself – which would be naughty!)

Meanwhile if you haven’t liked 18a Productions on Facebook yet – what are you waiting for?!