After lots of careful planning and hard work, has gone live, officially opened by the Mayor of Poole on the 31st January.

City Insights launches in PooleWe were approached by to help them realise the technical side of their fantastic new offering to locations around the world. City Insights are a team of content developers, researchers, experience experts and designers who work with a location or tourist destination to bring to life a whole host of information about that place. They gather photos and stories from times gone by and arrange this into fascinating bite size segments that then appear on plaques all around the area.

Where do we come in? Well a plaque can only do so much and the City Insights team also gather video and audio, and more photos than a plaque can hold. So on each plaque, there’s a QR code – zap it with your smart phone (or enter the short code if you haven’t got a QR reader) and you’ll be taken to the smartphone website where you can experience even more. Watch a video of how the exact spot you’re stood in would have looked 50 years ago!

And this is exactly what has been done for Poole Museum with the launch of

Smartphone website development“I know I said it before but I will say it again: the Poole Trail really, really works. Even when I knew all the audios and films by heart it was a new experience to stand in the place and listen to them in the right context.  You have done an amazing job!”

But of course, no custom build web system from 18a is complete without an intuitive, easy to use CMS! So Poole Museum can update their own content as and when they need to, as can the City Insights team. 

And the whole system is designed to work well for new clients as they join City Insights – watch this space for more exciting projects around the corner!

We also re-built the main City Insights website whilst we were at it so they now have a marketing tool to tell the world about their unique offering, which they can update themselves with new press material and client testimonials as the reviews roll in!