For years we’ve done various affiliate marketing projects using the Kelkoo API, but over the past couple of years the returns have gone through the floor.

So I just wondered what anyone else out there who uses Kelkoo thought? Have you noticed the same issue? Or did you give up and move away long ago?!

Tom’s email this morning to Christopher Theodorou at Kelkoo sums it up:

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the warning, however I don’t think I will be moving the website to the new platform. I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with Kelkoo really ever since the Yahoo buyout, when click prices have fallen through the floor. The website now barely pays for itself to run, and certainly doesn’t warrant spending additional development time on. It’s a real shame as I’ve had a good run with Kelkoo, but all good things must come to an end.

I’m not sure what I’ll use the site for in the future, it stills gets a reasonable level of traffic and I’ve just checked the stats and on the 1st of this month for example, I sent 235 clicks your way, unfortunately Tradedoubler only tracked 77 of those clicks and only 8 resulted in leads, giving me a grand total for the day of 0.95p. So I’m sure you can see how I’ve come to this decision.

Anyway, thanks again for the warning. If you can extend the deadline on the API v2 switch off then that would be great, but once it’s turned off the traffic will be going elsewhere.

Many thanks,