We’re very excited that Christian Day Designs has now gone live, ahead of a weekend full of wedding fairs!

Christian Day provide blushing Brides with all the vintage and vintage-inspired wedding shoes and fashion accessories they could wish for for their big day! 

The site is a WordPress site with a shop plugin. A big decision at the beginning of this project was deciding which piece of shop software to go with, as a custom built shop wasn’t an option for a small company. We considered OpenCart, which is a full piece of shop software, but it was decided that due to the nature of the wedding sector, a friendly blogged based approach would suit the company better.

We created their branding, and whilst designing the site were keen to keep SEO very much in mind. The wedding sector is extremely competitive so the site has lots of features in the design – as well as the build – to provide as much on-page SEO as possible.