We may be on holiday, but that doesn’t stop our server monitoring, or us acting on it!

Written at: 8.50am

Unfortunately I was alerted this morning via text message that one of our servers is currently down.

I immediately investigated and our hosting providers have apologised but they have had to carry out some emergency maintenance which means taking the server off line temporarily.

They can’t give us a timeframe as to when the server will be back up, but they hope it won’t be too long.

I’ll continue to update this post as I hear updates from them.

In the meantime, I’m afraid you won’t be able to access your website or emails. If anyone emails you during this timeframe, their email service should hopefully continue to try sending the email for a few days so once the server is back up you should receive it then.

Due to the level of access we have to our servers we can fix most things as they arise before they bother any one – but unfortunately when it’s hardware maintenance at our suppliers end and they have to turn things off to fix it, it’s completely out of our hands and so we’re sorry we can’t help more (because we would love to be able to!) but we just have to wait for an update from them.

Updated: 9.05am

I’m pleased to say the server is back up! Emergency maintenance doesn’t usually take too long and all seems to be sorted now.