As the name might suggest, creating a table in WordPress using Easy Table is very easy.

Creating a table

Once the plugin is installed you simply go to the text editor within wordpress and enter:


Populating your table

To give your table some data you simply type in the text you want to appear inside your table. Each column is separated with a comma. So for example:

Column1, column2, column3

To create a new row within your table, simply enter a carriage return and continue to fill in each column in the same way as follows:

Column1, column2, column3
Column1, column2, column3

The first row of your table will be your table headers. So in order to create a table with 3 columns and 3 rows you should enter something using a similar format to:

Table header 1, table header 2, table header 3
Row 1 column 1, row 1 column 2, row1 column3
Row 2 column 1, row 2 column 2, row2 column3
Row 3 column 1, row 3 column 2, row3 column3

In WordPress, this should look similar to this:

This code would give you a result that looks similar to this: 

If you require information on creating more complicated tables, more information can be found here.