The new City Insights marketing site is now live!

After the new system went live earlier this year, City Insights needed an exciting new marketing site to tell all their potential clients about what their fantastic platform can offer.

The new site features a CMS to allow City Insights to add news and case studies as they need to, as well as allowing them to add new sectors as they grow into new markets. Whilst the site obviously has a strong home page, we designed the sector pages to be strong in their own right so that City Insights can direct people straight to the relevant sector page for their market, bypassing the home page completely where suitable. Meawhile interlated case studies and news features means sector and case study pages stay up to date and allow clients to click around and find out everything going on in the City Insights world.

The site is fully responsive, with lots of work done around how the home page image should work. Large full width images can zoom or crop in a variety of ways on different sized devices and so we tried lots of demo options with City Insights before finding one everyone thought worked well and kept the key content central at all times.