Last year we launched a new website for single parent charity Single Parent Action Network’s online presence –

Unfortunately earlier this year they found out that they weren’t going to get continued funding and so they’d have to end the project which has been running since 2008. We were invited to the onespace team’s leaving party where we heard the story of the site and how much effort has gone into their different campaigns over the years and how much of a difference they’ve made for single parents.

Rather than close down the site completely, which is a valuable resource of lifeline information for single parents, we simply helped them take the dynamic features offline. With the onespace team all going their seperate ways there would be no one to monitor for the forum or help with the “ask the experts” section. Whereas users had been able to login and update their profile, now it’s just a great source of information as a static content site. The searchable Google map for local organisations still remains, and the learning resources – which were on the site via a Moodle hook up – have been conerted into static content and entered by the team via the bespoke CMS.

The site now exists on it’s new domain-home of