We are extremely proud to announce the launch of the new Amateur Jockeys Association of Great Britain website.

We built the last AJA site a number of years ago and it badly needed an update. The new site still uses WordPress, but now uses the latest version, along with carefully chosen plugins such as BuddyPress for the riders directory and Table Press for the Championship tables. Previously the tables were updated each week by uploading a spreadsheet via FTP so this plugin makes it extremely easy for the AJA team to update the tables themselves.

The AJA team behind the site have always been great at keeping the site up to date with relevenat news, so we took a newspaper approach with the home page, discussing with them the key areas of content they need to feature regularly and making sure each of these had a spot on the home page. A “Notice” feature also allows them to stick any important news to the home page for longer so members can see it.

The AJA are also very active on social media, so the new design had to prominently draw visitors in to their twitter stream and have clear links to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. We also took advantage of the AJA’s great library of photography to give the fully responsive site a contemporary feel with a 100% width header slideshow. The site was launched in time for Google’s major “mobile friendly” updates so that the AJA’s Google ranking wasn’t damaged by the changes.