We’ve opened up some space in our cottage offices and gone open plan.

It was a scary Friday afternoon when builders started to take a wall down in our office – but we’re very glad we braved it! Our building is a 200 year old cottage, with a cafe and an estate agent’s downstairs, so we were nervous that such an old place might not like being messed with! Although, the fact that we’re here shows that it’s been messed with quite a lot in it’s time; over the years it’s been a shoe shop, a dentists and a solicitors to name a few uses.

In our work everyone needs to work together – developers, designers and project managers always need to discuss points and share ideas. And as we’re expanding our team we felt it was time to make a larger main work space for everyone.

We love the finished results – it’s given more space than we expected and the room is now flooded with light (even if it doesn’t show in one of today’s early morning photos below!). Big thanks to Chris Appleton and his team for their hard work on a Friday night and Saturday.