When you’re running a business where agility and accuracy are essential attributes, you need your website to do the same. This wasn’t quite the case for the specialist ski instructors and experts at Performance Verbier .. until now!

When your business demands a quick response you need a website that can match this, and that’s just what we created here at 18a! Performance Verbier are THE specialists in the field .. even if that field may be covered in snow, and they wanted a website that could react to the changes they could be faced with. It also needed to look great to appeal to their luxury market demographic.

The guys at PV had previously run a WordPress site but out of date plugins and lack of customisation meant that the site could not meet their needs. We created a responsive WordPress site that is extensively editable, meaning that if a new tariff needs to be added or they hire a new member to the team, they themselves can change the content with a few easy clicks of a mouse. Further more they can upload images, re-vamp the text and even edit the icons if needs be.

So if your business needs a website that can keep up with you on and off the piste, you know who to contact.