Agree with it or not, due to EU law, every website we create these days needs to have the obligatory ‘this website contains cookies’ warning.

Understandably most people have absolutely no idea what they need to include on this page. So to make life easier, we’ve launched a new tool on The Web Guild, called the Cookie Message Generator, which lets website owners quickly and easily generate a cookie notice and link to a summary for their website. All they need to do is copy and paste a single line of Javascript and a cookie notice will appear to all new users of the site, offering them a link to view the cookie summary.

The message plants a 365 day cookie itself, so this means it will only show once, along the bottom of the screen, to a user on their initial visit to the website.

The tool is designed to be incredibly easy to set up so if you can edit your own website in pretty much any way, you can add this on. Or if you ask your web developer to do it for you, it’ll be super quick for them to do. You can see it in action on The Web Guild here – just look along the bottom of the screen when the page loads.

Please remember though – we’re web professionals, but we’re not legal professionals, so please get your own advice and make your own judgement as to whether you feel this tool covers you legally, we think it’s better than nothing, but neither 18a Productions Ltd nor The Web Guild Ltd can accept any responsibility if the tool is deemed insufficient.