We’re very proud to anounce the launch of SnuffleShuffle.com – ‘When you’ve got a snuffle, arrange a shuffle!’

This exciting new startup aims to revolutionise the daycare nursery industry, creating a secondary marketplace for reselling prepaid nursery care.

The Problem

Most nurseries require that you book and pay for days of nursery care in advance. This allows nurseries to ensure they have the correct level of carers to babies. Due to the staffing that needs to be in place therefore, it’s completely understandable that nurseries aren’t able to offer any kind of refunds for days when a baby wakes up with a snuffle – and as anyone who’s ever sent a child to nursery knows, this happens all too often. However from a parents point of view this is a double whammy, they’re not only paying for childcare, but they also can’t work! This makes the whole exercise very expensive and frustrating, both for the parents who are desperate for their child to be well enough to attend nursery, but also the nurseries who have to constantly fend off parents trying to understandly send their slightly snuffly children to nursery – only to spread the snuffles to other children, and so the circle goes on.

The Solution

SnuffleShuffle.com offers another option, allowing parents to recoup some of their expenses, and helping nurseries stay germ free.

How it Works

Parents with children already registered with participating nurseries can register their child with their nursery on SnuffleShuffle.com. If a child is going to be absent on a day when their childcare has already been paid, (whether due to illness or perhaps a pre-planned holiday), a carer/parent can advertise this nursery spot as available. An email alert will then go out to all the other parents/carers of children belonging to that nursery, alerting them to the available day. Anyone interested in additional, (most likely discounted) daycare, can then buy the spot by clicking on a link in the email. An email alert is then sent to all parties involved, including the nursery, informing them which child will be absent, and who to expect in their place. However for privacy reasons, parents can be assured that details of the exact children involved in the Shuffle will only be shared with the nursery.

With iPhone and Android apps in development and soon to follow, SnuffleShuffle.com offers a simple solution to one of the most frustrating problems facing working parents. Learn more and signup at SnuffleShuffle.com.