If you were a user of the Instafeed.js service for Instagram, you may have noticed recently that your pictures have stopped automagically appearing on your website. This is due to some recent legal changes Instagram have made to their API, which has unfortunately stopped the app (for now atleast) from working. Luckily though we’ve found a great replacement in the form of lightwidget.com.

In much the same way as Instafeed, you need to authorise the lightwidget app with your Instagram account, enabling them to read your photos. You can then use their really nifty widget creation tool to fully customise your widget, including image zoom effects. I have to say I’m impressed by how easy it was to create smart looking widgets that were easily incorporated into our sites.

Due to our sites generally running over https we were required to upgrade to the paid version of the widget, but again this process was seamless, and for £7.16 ($10), much cheaper than developing our own solution directly using the Instagram API. It also shows the merits of creating a free version of a tool, with a paid for upgrade at a sensible cost.