We are super excited to announce the re-launch of our digital marketing tool, ModQ.co

ModQ helps marketers by collating all their TGC (team generated content) in one place. Too often if content is contributed by other people in a team or company it’s scattered across email, What’s App, text and social networks. ModQ provides one streamlined central location for all content to be collated to make life easier for marketers, and without giving members of the team access to any social media networks. It also negates the need to re-tweet or re-gram content which may reveal a team member’s less than professional profile, or which may break the consent rules of GDPR.

ModQ also enables marketers to encourage their team to participate frequently, with incentives for great content.

Who’s it for? Well take for example a ski school; they might have instructors out on the slopes in beautiful surroundings who could easily take a photo and submit to their company moderation queue. Their marketing team back in the office can then filter and push this content to their networks as required.

Another use case might be on a construction site, where someone on site takes photos during building and submit to head office to moderate and publish. Other users may be a chain of salons who want to showcase their daily styling work on a central Facebook page. Basically any company or organisation with a distributed team with a smartphone in their pocket, who want more interesting and varied social media content can benefit from ModQ.

Get your team on board, get more interesting content, and then see who’s contributed the best photos, captions or video to reward the relevant members of your team.

It’s also a great tool for any one with volunteers or even UGC (user generated content) from an engaged audience. Sure you can re-gram pictures on Instagram but without the proper consents you’ll be breaking the rules of GDPR.

We started ModQ in 2012 and felt it was time for a make over and a new set of features so we’re very excited by our face lift!

If you think ModQ sounds like it could be useful for you, please get in touch!