Last year a client needed some load testing done on their site before a big server migration.

This means testing if the new server is up to the job of receiving the expected traffic levels – and adjusting it before you go live if it isn’t, so it doesn’t fall over and crash as soon as it’s released to your public for real. 

We gathered quotes for our client – and they were many thousands of dollars. So seeing’s as playing with servers is fun, we gave it a go! And it did not cost them anywhere near as much as the dedicated services we’d spoken to. Since then we’ve had other tech start ups in a similar position who we’ve helped by being able to load test and stress test their application before they roll out to new markets or with new clients that mean a vast increase in their traffic.

Sure – those other services probably have lots of fancy reports and downloadable PDFs with pie charts. But if you’re not bothered about that and you just need a better idea of what traffic levels your hosting can handle, then we can provide load testing without the mahoosive price tag. If you’re in this position, give us a shout and we’ll see how we can help.