We’re looking for an enthusiastic, hard working marketing and operations assistant with bucket loads of business sense, creativity and initiative, for an exciting full or part time role with flexible working hours.

Whilst we’re a digital agency, this isn’t a typical digital marketing role where you’ll just be updating clients’ Facebook profiles. We need someone to drive forward our own tech start ups as well as our core agency business. And yeah, you’ll probably get your hands on some of our exciting clients’ marketing efforts too.

You don’t need to be a geek, but you do need to be tech savvy. You won’t be coding (unless you want to!) but you need to know the difference between a search engine and a browser (to say the least). You need to be up to speed with the latest social networks and how you can leverage them to best effect, but also have ideas for how to imaginatively promote exciting new tools and industry changing projects within the digital world without just relying on big budgets.

As well as spreading the word, you’ll be involved with refining a great client journey for these services and products, and keeping existing users engaged and active.

You’ll also be helping on our big build projects, updating clients and assisting with populating the content on sites and creating documentation.

Personally, you need to be able to manage your own time and drive yourself forwards. You’ll be working closely with a team of professionals but you need to be able to know what you’re doing next and not constantly need hand holding. You need the confidence to make decisions and not be afraid to put new ideas out there to the rest of the team. You’ll need to take ownership of your own projects and have the professionalism and attention to detail that means the work you put out there is excellent.

We won’t load you with scary targets but you will be reporting weekly to a senior colleague, and will need to demonstrate what progress has been made. Everyone at 18a keeps detailed timesheets and so you’ll need to show how you’re spending your time and that you’re putting it to good use. Hours and hours of “twitter engagement” with no actual growth or results won’t cut it.

There will be lots of opportunity for continued professional development – heck, every day’s a school day. And you’ll be encouraged to keep your skills and knowledge up to date by researching the latest marketing tools and concepts out there.

Excellent written English and communication skills are essential as the job will involve plenty of content creation and speaking to people inside and outside of our organisation. Sometimes you will be writing about technical things, so the ability to catch on to new things quickly when they’re explained to you is really important.

Why work with us?

At 18a, we work hard and we work quickly. And at times over the last decade we have been guilty of falling into the eat – sleep – code – repeat cycle. But we know that this isn’t a good way of life, and so we now have fail safes to ensure everyone at 18a gets chance to feel creative and clear headed – which in turn aids productivity.

Things we do:

  1. Monthly team breakfasts out and about
  2. Frequent progress meetings with the whole team
  3. Flexi-time
  4. Whilst you’ll mainly be based in our offices, remote working can also be an option
  5. Healthy snacks in the work place
  6. Good coffee
  7. Lunch time power naps if you want!
  8. Non-corporate studio offices inc. pool table
  9. A Fitbit or contribution towards gym membership for full time members of the team after probationary period – a healthy body = a healthy mind!
  10. Volunteering opportunities for full time members of the team and a say in company charity donations
  11. 28 days paid holiday a year, with unlimited unpaid holiday after that. Additional paid holiday after 5 years of working with us.
  12. Paid time off for your kids’ sports day and Christmas play
  13. Work space personalisation budget
  14. Every day’s a school day but we like to encourage professional development and keep CPD logs
  15. Tickets / days out for web events
  16. Encouragement / support to speak at web events if that’s something you fancy doing
  17. Encouraged contribution to – and a stake in – inhouse tech start up projects, whether they’re existing or new suggestions by you


Salary will depend on experience. Please contact us with your CV and any stories of previous experience, if you’ve got any. Please please pretty please – no agencies! 🙂 As we mentioned, this role can be part time or full time, with flexible working hours.