CropFarmer is the award winning budgetting tool that we’ve made to help farmers keep an eye on their bottom line.


The judges of the 2019 AgriDen Innovation competition loved and were very excited about what it can do to help small farmers all over the world. We recently received their feedback from the competition day and were thrilled with what they had to say about it!

“Strong example of grass root innovation with impressive agile app and engaging founders focused on solving a problem for farmer.”

“Great pitch, clear message and story behind the development of the app. Clearly focused on small holder farmers at an attractive price. The App looks great.”

“The simplicity of the product combined with the rationale for the development and the enthusiasm of the presentation was infectious. […] Targeting smallholders and small farmers is key – that is the niche. The strength is in the clear IT experience and knowledge.”

“A brilliantly simple distillation of a complex product. Their presentation bought the product and the “why” to life so well, you are both hugely likeable and credible. I think there is a lot of potential for your product to do good for smaller farmers, and to other niche areas of business (conservation and environment schemes). Wherever I can I will happily champion the product.”

 As part of our 2020 marketing strategy for CropFarmer, we’re looking to work with partners with a farming audience to help spread the word and help farmers all over the world sleep a little easier at night, knowing that their budgets and forecasts are in order.

That’s why we’re launching the CropFarmer Partner Programme. If you have a farming – or growing – based audience and would like to spread the word about the latest farmer-led agritech designed to make farmers’ lives a little easier, or you’re looking for a new revenue stream (or both!) please contact us to hear more about how we could work together. We can offer everything from an affiliate programme to a complete whitelabel or SSO. 

CropFarmer, despite it’s name, is extremely versatile so if you are actually in a different industry but still think you’d like to promote a simple, easy to use budgetting and forecasting tool to your audience, please do get in touch.

To save any confusion, CropFarmer is operated by 18a Productions, so drop us a line and we’ll get back to you to discuss all things budgets!