HallsHire.com has been helping the world find event venues for almost 20 years. Initially solely about village halls, it now includes various community centres and conference venues.

As the world however, struggles to function with the COVID-19 pandemic turning lives upside down, we’ve added a new feature to HallsHire.com to help with a different subject matter: food deliveries.

The idea came from the fact that, with my son showing symptoms, as a family of 4 the 14 day isolation rule meant a potential 7 weeks without a trip to the shops. All of our extended family are over an hour away and it just became impossible to get a supermarket delivery slot. Meanwhile I was trying to get shopping to my Grandparents in their 80s but again, it was so hard to get a delivery. 

Hoping that if we did all have COVID-19 we would be OK, the bigger worry became how I was going to feed everyone. I had to put our toddler on strict milk rations! There’s a great support network in our village but everyone is battling their own issues at the moment so I wanted to try and sort things for ourselves.

Meanwhile another Mum on our class WhatsApp group mentioned that some food wholesalers who normally deliver just to the trade were opening their delivery routes to the public. With cafes and restaurants closed they had lost their usual customer base, whilst there are households across the land needing deliveries. I also saw on social media that some friends were getting deliveries from their local bakery or green grocer, and one mentioned how a local Italian restaurant was delivering hot takeaways now which they hadn’t done previously. As small business owners ourselves, we thought this quick diversification was fantastic for people in need of food but also such a great way of businesses managing to cover their overheads and keep people in work (if they can do so safely). Which in turn will help the economy bounce back once this is all over and will mean less furlough payments for the Government.

Enter hallshire.com – we realised we had a platform almost ready to go that could facilitate searching by post code and letting businesses easily add their company for free. So with a bit of time over the weekend, we created the Local Food Deliveries section. If anyone is looking for a food delivery in their area, please do check it out. And if you’re a company who’s able to help, please do add yourself for free.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.