Our long standing client Bank Security Printing came to us recently for assistance with implementing a UCN (Unique Coded Number) system for their cheque printing procedures.

A UCN is an ISF (Image Survivable Feature) which adds a powerful layer of fraud prevention to cheques, which may not be used by as many individuals now a days but are still used frequently by corporations. A UCN – or UCN Plus mark which is a QR code – encrypts data about the cheque which can then be used during the clearing process to confirm the cheque is legitimate. BSP can now create these codes on demand and have an audit trail of their past requests.

Whilst we spend a lot of time making pretty websites, it’s always very interesting when a project comes along which is a little different and teaches you about the specifics of a very different industry, especially when it fits hand in hand with our interests in security online and fintech.

 Image courtesy of Etienne Godiard.