A hobby can become a problem when you run out of room for your creations.

This was exactly the problem our client, Chris Pye was facing. Woodcarving is his passion as well as his profession and not having anywhere to store the work he does for himself alongside his commissions for patrons such as the Prince of Wales was actually stopping him from developing some of the ideas he had. So, he came to us and asked for a sales section to be added to his website.

It’s called “Available” as this isn’t a typical shop with a conveyor belt – this is about pieces of art that Chris puts time and love into needing a new home. For that reason also you can’t buy online, you can enquire about a piece and Chris will get back to you. This is partly because there’s always so much to consider with shipping and packaging as Chris’s pieces get sent all over the world; he regularly carries out commissions for customers across Europe and the USA.

We added the feature just before Christmas and Chris has been busy populating it with images of his brilliant music stands, book ends and furniture.

Now the feature is live on his website, which we built him several years ago alongside his video e-learning platform for people learning to carve, Chris can feel free to carve any creation that jumps into his head, rather than feel held back from the practicalities of what he’d do with it afterwards! Meanwhile if you feel inspired, you can create an account on Woodcarving Workshops where you’ll find almost 800 videos of Chris walking you through how to create works of art for yourself.