We’ve recently launched AvailabilityCal.com – a neat little tool to help ease that back and forth over email when you’re trying to arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting.

Apparently the average meeting takes 7 emails to arrange – eugh! Now, as long as my Google Calendar is up to date, I have a handy link I can share with anyone who asks when I’m free, that lets them see my availability without seeing any of the details of what I’m up to.

You can make a short memorable link you can send to one and all – potentially place it in your email signature – or you can make encoded secure ones.

Vitally, it also allows who you send your availability to, to view their own calendar inline with yours – plus anyone else’s they want to layer on too – so it’s clear when there are gaps and you’re all free to chat.

You can build up a list of contacts of people you regularly have meetings with so that you can simply toggle their availability on and off when you are trying to arrange something with them – but you can control who has you in their contacts, so if you feel you don’t want that person to know your availability anymore, you can remove yourself.

I’ve recently written the user guide for AvailabilityCal, which details it’s features and how you can use it – but is still a quick read so check it out if you want to learn more about the benefits.

AvailiabilityCal is currently compatble with Google Calendar (please contact us if you’d like to use it with Microsoft) and is completely free to use.