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Atoll is the new name for the combined products of Corals and Nymbol – digital asset management systems for local and heritage organisations.

We built Corals many moons ago, and have helped it grow and evolve as it’s been used by more and more clients. More recently, we carried out a strategic assessment before amalgamating Nymbol into the same code base.

They are hugely capable. They understand the tech incredibly well, but they can translate that and talk to real people.

Robbie Beak

Director, Ammba Digital

Stock photography website


Our work on this project began with designing and building Corals back in 2014 – a stock photography website with a difference. Originally built for the digital archives of Birmingham Library, the collection was sorted and tagged by people in a local Prison who knew the places shown in the old photos.

Corals rebranding per client

Client branding

For each client that comes along, we rebrand the Corals site to suit the look and feel of the organisation using it. Despite the system being around 10 years old now, the design still looks fresh and contemporary.

Corals stock photography checkout

Digital ecommerce

Corals includes the ability for members of the public to buy digital downloads of historic archives, all custom built by us, with some installations of the system even making ordering physical prints an option.


Ammba also had another collections platform – for digital scannings of pages of text rather than images – called Nymbol. After issues with moving that project forward, they came to us to see if we could help. We put forward various solutions, and we all opted for the idea of merging Corals and Nymbol. This meant the budget for transforming Nymbol could upgrade and benefit both sides of the business, whilst getting a new version of Nymbol up and running quickly and cost effectively.

The new Nymbol, built on the same CodeIgniter backend as Corals, features a ReactJS frontend so that it’s lightening quick to load.

Nymbol is technically designed to integrate seamlessly with the end clients’ own website, or work as a stand alone website.

We have processed and sorted hundreds of thousands of scanned documents, ensuring a smooth migration and improved search filtering.

We love working with the team at Ammba – not only are they the nicest people, we love their constant desire to innovate.

Lisa Bailey

Director, 18a