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ACF Advanced Custom Fields

If your WordPress website looks broken, it could be because of this.

WordPress is the incredibly popular blogging-come-full-website platform that powers over 835 million websites* in 2024. It’s functionality is extended by plugins, and one such very popular plugin is Advanced Custom Fields, which is used on over 2,000,000 sites across the world. ACF announced a while ago that they were making a change to how the […]

WordPress Popup Builder plugin causing sites to get hacked

A marketing agency recently asked us to help with a site they look after for a client because it was displaying odd behaviour – when they visited admin, the page was blank when they should have seen a login screen. We quickly deduced the site had been hacked, and traced the hack back to a […]

Getting a SSL certificate ready before launch: should you use Let’s Encrypt?

Let's Encrypt can only work on the final domain of a website meaning you can't set it up in advance.

Cannot contact ReCaptcha: an intermittent issue

We recently came up against a very annoying intermittent issue with Google recaptcha but hope we have found a fix.

How to add support for next generation file formats: HEIF and WEBP

HEIC is the name chosen by Apple for the new HEIF file format. HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image Format. It allows for images to maintain the same quality as .jpgs but at a fraction of th

Is Google Flutter a viable replacement to Adobe PhoneGap to non-native app developers?

There are a number of reasons why Flutter could be your preferred choice for cross-platform development moving forward.

Why is my Facebook ad traffic not showing up on my real time Google Analytics report?

The answer, the reason and what you can do about it.

Google Analytics and cookies: can you use IP anonymisation?

How to put together a cookie policy strategy and is IP anon for you?

WordPress and AWS Elastic Beanstalk – getting set up – Part 2

Elastic Beanstalk has some great features but upgrading a WordPress is a little more involved than normal.

The new normal. 5 ideas for improved user security

With increasing security governance and the bad guys not giving up any time soon, do we need to take basic user security to a new level?

SSL certificates can only be 1 year long from September 2020

Your website will be marked as insecure or untrusted if you don't have the right dates on your certificate.

Failed Laravel 7 login returning me to home page with no errors

I recently found an issue with a Laravel 7 site I was working on where if I logged in and it failed, I was being redirected back to the home page with no error message.