CodeIgniter Developer

With many of our clients onboard for almost a decade now, we’re proven technical partners who can help your web needs hatch, grow and evolve.

As seasoned CodeIgniter developers, we love developing bespoke systems but we also recognised the importance of coding to industry recognised standards and conventions.

For bespokely coded projects we love to develop using the CodeIgniter MVC framework as it allows us to code applications in a structured, yet totally flexible way, allowing for future growth and development. We think it's a great framework upon which to build a website and take our hats off to the team behind it. Having worked with a number of different application frameworks (CakePHP and Zend Framework to name just a couple), we think CodeIgniter has the balance just right between complexity, flexibility, structure and convention, and is perfect for most medium to large web projects.

Contact us today if you're looking for a CodeIgniter developer or would like help with a project based on the CodeIgniter PHP application framework.