Hosting & AWS Management

With many of our clients onboard for almost a decade now, we’re proven technical partners who can help your web needs hatch, grow and evolve.

We offer website hosting to all of our clients, on reliable servers based either in the UK or the US depending on requirements. We can even offer green wind-turbine powered hosting!

If your site is constantly being updated - perhaps with user submitted content - then you might want to talk to us about an off-site backup service, so that if something happened to your existing hosting, you'd have a recent copy of the database somewhere else.

Meanwhile, for larger sites or systems which need to be able to scale or even need redundancy servers waiting in the wings we can help you set up AWS - Amazon's extremely thorough cloud hosting offering. AWS offers so many options and is so "hands on" that if you're looking to use it you'll need a hand from someone experienced. We can then keep an eye on things for you and help with routine security upgrades.