Large site migrations for Cosy Club and The Lounges

lisa Lisa, 21st February 2020

We are delighted to welcome Cosy Club and The Lounges to the 18a fold this year as they've asked us to help them with their websites.

Last year we designed and built their corporate site - Loungers - with a 2 week turn and so are delighted to be able to work with 2 of the best loved Bristol based brands in the country more going forwards.

The Cosy Club and The Lounges websites however receive a lot of traffic and so migrating them without any disruption or downtime - which would lead to issues for customers in their nationwide bars - meant careful planning! We also researched various hosting options for them and have managed to save them money with their new hosting provider.

A relatively new "gotcha" in the world of moving websites is making sure you cater for SSL certificates - whilst you can get free ones easily now a days, when you're migrating a site there can be times when you can't use a free one until after the migration has happened... and this can result in a short amount of time when your site runs without a secure connection. Depending on your site, this won't necessarily pose a risk to your visitors but it can cause them to see scary messages on their browser about "insecure content" so it is best avoided! We foresaw this would be the case with the Lounges and Cosy Club move and so took steps to mitigate it before launch so that there were no distruptions for the Loungers team or their visitors.

So - with lots of interesting developments up all of our sleeves - we're looking forward to an exciting year helping Loungers as their brands go from strength to strength! And if you need a hand with a big site migration, please get in touch.

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