Privacy And Cookie Statement

Privacy Statement

  1. 18a Productions Limited is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you. We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in the UK.
  2. The purpose of this statement is to explain to you what personal information we collect and how we may use it.

  3. We will only contact you with your consent.
  4. We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party for commercial reasons, beyond any essential requirement specified by law.
  5. We do not collect sensitive information about you except when you specifically knowingly provide it by filling in your contact details on our contact form, for example. In order to maintain the accuracy of our database, you can check, update or remove your personal details by contacting
  6. If you have any questions about privacy please contact us at


  1. Our cookies:


    Our website uses a session cookie which is necessary for us to log into our website and for our clients to log in. This session cookie has to be placed on every visit to our site as soon as you arrive whether you go on to log in or not. The information collected is:

    Session ID - just a unique reference for your visit
    IP address - the unique identifier of your connection
    Your user agent - what browser / operating system you're using
    Last activity - the last moment you did something on the site within this visit

    This cookie is only used because it's necessary for the site to operate correctly for those who need to log in.

  2. __Host-pro18acsrf_cookie_name

    Our website also uses a Cross Site Forgery token to protect our users and site against CSRF attacks. You can read more about this here.

  3. Third party cookies:

    Ideally, we would like to use a selection of 3rd party cookies on our website. These are cookies which are activated through your use of our website, but are actually set by another party / website.

    You will see a grey strip along the top of every page of our website when you visit asking if you are happy to accept these cookies. If you accept, cookies from Google and Facebook will be allowed, and we will set another cookie to let our site know that you have opted in to these 3rd party cookies so that we don't have to ask you each time you visit in the future. We appreciate it's ironic to set a cookie to say you're OK with cookies but this is our attempt to conform to EU regulations whilst giving you as seamless an experience as possible.

    Google analytics:

    We use Google Analytics - a service offered to websites all around the web by Google - to count visitors to our website. Google Analytics can also tell us things such as which pages are looked at the most and how long people stay on those pages, so that we can make sure our website is performing well and seemingly giving people the information they need.

    The best up to date source of information about the cookies Google Analytics uses is on Google's website.

    Social media icons from Google+ and Facebook:

    If you opt in to these 3rd party cookies, you will see social media icons around the site for Google+ and Facebook, so if you use that service you can click the icon to share any content you're looking at. These cookies may vary depending on whether you're logged into Google+ or Facebook at the time of visiting our site. Any information gathered from these cookies is gathered by Google and/or Facebook, not us, and they may at any time change the information they collect. You can read Google's privacy policy here, and Facebook's privacy policy here.