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Data science

If you’re looking for a data science parter to handle your big data – or even help you start collecting it – give us a shout. It might be your own data, or you might be a marketing agency with a strategy for a client, but you just need a bit of programming wizardry to make the tool or algorithm that ties everything together.

Even if you’re not actually in need of “big” data, and are just aware you know very little about your customers and their interactions with your products or brand, we can help. Are there certain people you should be marketing to more or less? Are there already cross-selling opportunities you’re missing out on?

For us, a website might be public facing, or it might as commonly be an inhouse tool. The world has moved on from computer based software. With big data in the cloud, we can build you tools and applications on a web platform meaning everything can be regularly backed up and stored securely. It can then be accessed by anyone in your team no matter where in the world they are – as long as they’ve got the right permissions! We can lock down who can see what, who can add/edit what, and let you log who does what.

We’ve got years of experience of handling information and building tools – get in touch to see how we can help.