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Laravel developer

The PHP Framework for Web Artisans – Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax and great fun to build large scale web applications which are both robust and secure.

We’re a Bristol based development company who specialise in Laravel development. Over the years we’ve used Laravel as our framework of choice for larger, more complex builds particularly when integrating with third party APIs and services, including Stripe via the Laravel Cashier for handling subscription payments seemlessly with Stripe.

Laravel is an extremely popular MVC framework which means, whilst it can do whatever you want, the code is kept very neat and organised. Therefore if the future another developer needs to come and work on it, they can understand the lay of the land and hit the ground running. MVC frameworks also mean how a site “looks” is kept very separate from how a site “works” and therefore sites can have a cosmetic overhaul without tinkering with the backend functionality.

With regards to protecting your business and your customers, Laravel ticks a lot of boxes and ensures an enterprise level standard of security.

If you’re having a Laravel site built, you’re quite possibly looking at a large amount of traffic, so we can help you set up the right hosting architecture and deployment method – including load balanced, auto-scaling, self healing, multi-environment infrastructures (if that’s what you need!).

We’re based in Winscombe, near Weston-Super-Mare which is just 10 minutes from Bristol airport (BS25). This makes us perfectly located for clients in Bristol and Somerset – but we regularly work with companies all over the world!