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WordPress design & development

Our team have been working with WordPress since it was launched in the early 2000s. That’s 20 years of WordPress experience. We’ve seen it change a lot in that time, and our extensive experience of the popular CMS platform, matched with our bespoke coding capabilities and in house creative team, means we can get the very best out of what was originally just blogging software.

New WordPress home page

WordPress is extended using “plugins” – extra features coded by developers all around the world. This is great for making your website do what you need it to for a fraction of the cost of bespoke development – but there can be a cost to be paid in site performance, stability and security.

We can help advise you on when to use plugins, and which ones, when to get us to code something specifically for you (inc. making bespoke WordPress plugins), or when WordPress just isn’t quite right for your job.

Charity website integrations

We can also help you keep your site up to date with regular plugin upgrades accompanied by thorough Test Plans so that any dependencies don’t affect the functionality of your site when things are updated without you knowing.

If your site is already full of plugins and you do think it’s affecting performance, contact us for a plugin audit.