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    Warren Buffett is quietly creating America's largest junk-food conglomerate

    25th March 2015 21:00

    Warren Buffett has said that "he eats like a 6-year-old." It seems like that influences his investing decisions, too See also: ‘The Most Amazing Sight Ever’: The Teens Behind That McCartney-Buffett Photo How else would you explain Buffett's quietly creating a portfolio that now includes many of the most beloved junk-food brands in the U.S., from Diary Queen to Coca-Cola? While Buffett likes to tout his long-term outlook — he said today he would own Kraft "forever" — he has…

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    'Super Troopers 2' is a go after raising $2 million in 1 day

    25th March 2015 20:59

    LOS ANGELES — Do you know how fast you were raising money? In just over 24 hours, comedy group Broken Lizard raised the $2 million it needed to hit the gas on Super Troopers 2, a sequel to the 2001 cult classic about a bunch of screwball Vermont state troopers and their "local cops" rivals. SEE ALSO: All your questions about Kickstarter, answered With its Indiegogo campaign just launched on Tuesday morning, Broken Lizard is assured to make at least…

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    Harry Styles cries on stage during One Direction's first official gig without Zayn Malik

    25th March 2015 20:56

    Everyone is crying in public because Zayn Malik left One Direction. First, it was Directioners at their high schools, and now, it's Zayn's former bandmates. Since the news has gone public, the boys are free to be openly emotional Harry Styles, dressed somberly in all black, had to take a break from the spotlight to shed some tears during One Direction's first official gig as a four-piece group in Jakarta. We're all in this together, Harry. The 'Uptown Funk' Passover…

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    'Gaming is the next step of interactive entertainment': Celebrity gamers speak out at Mazda event

    25th March 2015 20:56

    We’re in a 'Golden Age' of gaming. Consoles have turned into supercomputers; controllers have turned into our bodies; multiplayer gaming sessions have turned into global networking events. And at the SXSW Gaming Expo, the 'Golden Age' was on full display. "It’s bigger than movies in some regards; it's much larger than music in some regards," said Xbox Live Programming Director, Major Nelson (real name: Larry Hyrb). "Gaming is the next step of interactive entertainment. Today's consumer wants more. They want…

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    Your poop is literally a gold mine

    25th March 2015 20:45

    Instead of flushing millions down the toilet, humans could be mining their poop for gold. That's at least what some researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) think. They're looking for ways to squeeze metals like gold and silver out of solid waste. SEE ALSO: The poop on pooping: 5 misconceptions explained When poop arrives at a wastewater treatment plant, it is separated into biosolids and treated water. Inevitably about half of the biosolids (3.5 million tons in the United…

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    Why Drone Regulations Are Taking Forever

    25th March 2015 20:31

    Amazon is arguing that the Federal Aviation Administration took so long to approve its test drone, the model in question has become obsolete. It said as much during a Tuesday testimony before a Senate subcommittee. "While the FAA was considering our applications for testing, we innovated so rapidly that the [drone] approved last week by the FAA has become obsolete,” said Paul Misener, Amazon's vice president for Global Public Policy. “We don’t test it anymore. We’ve moved on to more…

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    3 ways to reduce your burn rate

    25th March 2015 20:21

    This article is part of DBA, a new series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management. This year Amazon joined Netflix and the usual TV and cable outlets in contention for one of Hollywood’s most prestigious awards — the Golden Globe for best TV series. This has prompted many in the press to proclaim that Amazon has grown up, and proven that you don’t need a major network to make…

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    What are the top 10 Jeopardy categories, Alex?

    25th March 2015 20:15

    If you've been playing along with Jeopardy! at home every day of the week for the past 30 years — and no one is going to poke fun if you have — then you've undoubtedly noticed that some categories pop up far more often than others. And now you can see exactly what the most popular categories have been, thanks to extensive research from Patrick Tullao, who surveyed every Jeopardy! episode from 1984-2012. What is "mind-boggling," Alex? Here's what the…

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    Facebook Is Plotting Its Way Into Your Smart Home

    25th March 2015 20:12

    At Facebook’s f8 developer conference Wednesday, the company made its play for the so-called Internet of Things by way of its Parse app development platform. The "back-end as a service” provider just announced new software development kits geared for smart home purveyors.Parse’s bread and butter has been apps for mobile devices (read: smartphones and tablets), as well as Web and desktop platforms. With the nascent smart home movement, however, the definition of connected gadget has expanded rapidly to include furniture,…

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    The 'Uptown Funk' Passover parody you'll be humming at the Seder table

    25th March 2015 20:05

    Just in time for Passover, here's a new song to get stuck in your head at the Seder table. A cappella group Six13 is known for its Jewish parody covers of modern songs. Think of them as Weird Al Yankovic's cousins who went on Birthright, and decided to never leave Israel. The group has become somewhat of a staple in Jewish pop culture, with its YouTube channel garnering almost 4 million views to date. Six13 has tackled Taylor Swift and…