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    Neil Patrick Harris Shares His Wisdom About Acting in the Nude

    24th October 2014 19:39

    The Internet is not done talking about the male nudity in Gone Girl, and evidently that includes Neil Patrick Harris Harris visited Conan Thursday to share all of his sage wisdom about acting in the buff. See also: 18 People Who Lost Faith in Marriage After Seeing 'Gone Girl' Though Gone Girl was far from the Emmy Award-winning actor's first brush with nude acting (he starred in the play The Paris Letter with Josh Radnor), Harris was apparently still very…

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    Stephen Hawking Joins Facebook, Likes 'The Theory of Everything'

    24th October 2014 19:31

    Stephen Hawking has spent a lifetime getting his head around concepts in astrophysics most of us will never comprehend, but the 72-year-old never got around to the social-media thing — until Friday. The renowned theorist, cosmologist and author joined Facebook, kicking things off with a message in support of The Theory of Everything, the Focus Features biopic that became an instant Oscar contender when it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. SEE ALSO: 'The Theory of Everything': Eddie Redmayne's…

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    Why Open Source Is Becoming A Big Developer-Recruiting Tool

    24th October 2014 19:16

    Most companies are just coming around to the idea that open source can help lower costs and boost innovation within their organizations. But Web companies like Netflix, Twitter and Facebook understand that open source can be more: a powerful weapon for recruiting and retaining top engineering talent.See also: The Reasons Businesses Use Open Source Are Changing Faster Than You ThinkIf we believe that developers are the "new kingmakers," then the companies able to source the best developers will win. That…

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    Eyewitness to Hell: Life in Ebola-Ravaged Liberia

    24th October 2014 19:07

    I graduated college in May. Three months later I boarded a flight to Liberia to cover the Ebola outbreak. It was only the second assignment of my professional career. I knew it was dangerous, but going to Liberia answered something far more personal. The people of the Ebola-ravaged country have been living a hell for months. Only recently has the world started to pay attention. I felt it was my responsibility to document it. This wasn’t a war-torn country, where…

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    Hackers Are Exploiting Microsoft PowerPoint to Hijack Computers

    24th October 2014 18:55

    Hackers are exploiting a security flaw in Microsoft Office by using PowerPoint to attack Windows users and gain control of computer systems. Microsoft, in a security advisory on its website, says there have been "limited, targeted attacks" against users through Microsoft PowerPoint. An attacker who successfully exploits the security flaw could gain complete control of the system. With that sort of control, hackers could execute code remotely, alter or delete data and install harmful programs, like malware See also: Microsoft's…

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    Ottawa Gunman Wanted Jail to Cure His Crack Addiction, Turned to Robbery

    24th October 2014 18:51

    TORONTO — The gunman who killed a Canadian soldier at Ottawa's National War Memorial, and was later shot dead, attempted to rob a McDonald's restaurant nearly three years ago in hopes that he would go to jail. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was battling a drug addiction, and thought jail time would help cure it, according to multiple reports. In December 2011, he held a sharpened stick, and demanded that a McDonald's employee give him money. The employee refused, so Zehaf-Bibeau waited outside…

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    "Surveillance Self-Defense" Is A How-To Guide For Every Level Of Online Privacy

    24th October 2014 18:41

    Whether you're a journalism student wanting to learn security tips not taught in college classrooms, or a pro at keeping communications secure, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to make your activities online even safer from prying eyes.The EFF's new project called Surveillance Self-Defense is a collection of tools and resources broken down into specific resource "playlists" for both computer types and the people using them. These include: Mac user, human rights defender, student journalist, online security veteran, and a security…

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    'Honey Boo Boo' Canceled Over Mama June's Alleged Romance With Molester

    24th October 2014 18:34

    TLC has canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in light of reports that June "Mama June" Shannon has been dating an ex-boyfriend who was convicted of molesting one of her relatives who was 8 years old at the time. Mark Anthony Randall served 10 years for aggravated child molestation and was released in March. Mama June, who split from Honey Boo Boo's father "Sugar Bear" earlier this year, was allegedly dating Randall at the time of his arrest and started…

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    Bette Midler Breathes New Life Into TLC's Smash Hit 'Waterfalls'

    24th October 2014 18:23

    Little precious Bette Midler has a natural obsession for harmonies from girl groups The 68-year-old "Wind Beneath My Wings" singer likes them so much, in fact, that she's releasing an album of just cover songs, including a beautiful rendition of TLC's 1995 hit R&B ballad "Waterfalls" (listen, above) See also: Aretha Franklin's Cover of 'Rolling in the Deep' Is Almost Better Than Adele's Original Midler's It's the Girls, due out Nov. 4 in the U.S. and Nov. 17 in the…

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    Apple Sent Porn To A Developer To Prove His App Could Be Used To Find Porn

    24th October 2014 18:00

    Pornographic content is forbidden in the Apple App Store, but Apple seems to be OK with sending porn to developers who submit their apps for review, according to one who received an inappropriate pic. "It turns out Apple thought the best way to tell us our app could be used to surf porn was to surf for porn using our app," Carl Smith, a Florida developer for nGen Works, wrote in a blog post on Medium (NSFW link). The email, which Smith shared…