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    The iPad at 5: Was everyone wrong?

    28th January 2015 20:22

    On Jan. 27, 2010, Steve Jobs stood before throngs of reporters and unveiled the iPad, Apple's much-anticipated tablet. The presentation, which you can watch in iTunes or in the YouTube video below, came three years after Apple introduced the iPhone. See also: The best iPad apps of 2014 The iPhone's presentation is easily one of the greatest technology launches of all time. If you want to see Steve Jobs at his very best, that event from 2007 is it The…

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    Watch a senator grill the U.S. attorney general nominee on undocumented immigrant rights

    28th January 2015 19:54

    United States attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch didn't face many tough questions during the early portion of her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, but that started to change when Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama got a turn at the microphone Sessions wanted to know how Lynch viewed the rights of undocumented immigrants, and how they compared to the rights of U.S. citizens. "Do you believe that a person who enters the country unlawfully ... has a civil right to citizenship?"…

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    Holder's haters: outgoing attorney general has had many detractors

    28th January 2015 19:12

    United States Attorney General Eric Holder will soon be on to his next job — presuming his potential replacement, Loretta Lynch, survives confirmation hearings before Congress this week Those hearings are expected to force Lynch to differentiate herself from Holder, who has acquired plenty of detractors since he landed the nation's top law enforcement job nearly six years ago See also: Obama in India: The top moments from the extravagant parade Many of those detractors will have a say in…

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    X-ray reveals SpongeBob SquarePants living in child's throat

    28th January 2015 19:08

    We all know SpongeBob Squarepants lives in a pineapple down under the sea, but he's also been spotted in a 16-month-old's throat? Dr. Ghofran Ageely, a radiology resident at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, was shocked to find the cartoon character lodged in a young patient's chest. Looking at the X-ray, Ageely told Live Science that he "was amazed by the visible details. You can see his freckles, shoes and fingers." See also: 11 Disturbing Spongebob Images That Will Haunt Your…

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    Booking app HotelTonight adds geotargeted and super last-minute discounts

    28th January 2015 19:08

    Last-minute hotel-booking app HotelTonight was an early leader in offering mobile-only deals on same-day reservations, but that space has recently gotten more crowded. So this week, the app announced the addition of two new discount features: "Bonus Rate" and "Rate Drop." See also: Hotels are making record profits from extra fees on stuff you don't use Bonus Rate gives hotels the ability to target customers by geography, so that, for example, a hotel in Los Angeles looking to attract customers…

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    Weatherman keeps his cool as Arizona fries

    28th January 2015 18:48

    Usually when temperatures reach upwards of 2,000 degrees, it's cause for panic. But Fox 10 Phoenix's weatherman Cory McCloskey kept his composure while half of the Phoenix area burst into flames. Pointing to Cape Creek, which had a temperature hot enough to melt steel, McCloskey simply remarked that it "doesn't look good," and advised viewers to evacuate the area. Weather phenomenon turns Grand Canyon into sea of clouds New Hampshire town turns blizzard into a giant snowball fight Rainn Wilson…

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    Terrorize your exes on Valentine's Day by adopting a cockroach in their name

    28th January 2015 18:45

    Love is patient, love is kind. And when love is jilted, it adopts cockroaches The San Francisco Zoo is offering quite the steal for scorned Valentine's Day lovers. For a small price, anyone can adopt a hissing cockroach or scorpion in the name of a current or future ex. (This is a completely appropriate way to break up with someone.) See also: This app will be your boyfriend for $24.99 a month — calls included "Fallen prey to love's cruel…

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    Ebola nurse on her experience with the virus: 'I almost went insane'

    28th January 2015 18:32

    More than 8,500 people have died since the Ebola outbreak began last year. While the pandemic has slowed, it has left lasting scars on many countries, especially in West Africa, and those affected by the disease Rebecca Johnson worked as a nurse treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone before contracting the virus herself. She teamed up with the World Health Organization (WHO) to hold a Q&A session about her experience on Twitter. See also: Ebola patient zero may have been…

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    The FAA really doesn't want you to use a drone at the Super Bowl

    28th January 2015 18:22

    The Federal Aviation Administration took the unusual step of releasing a PSA in video form on Wednesday — asking football fans not to bring a drone to the Super Bowl on Sunday. See also: Meth-smuggling drone crashes in Mexico supermarket parking lot "Going to the big game? Have fun, cheer on your team, and keep it a no drone zone, don't spoil the game," the video says. It ends on a tagline, "Leave Your Drone at Home," and a hashtag,…

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    Meet the largest plus-size model to score a major contract

    28th January 2015 18:17

    Model Tess Holliday landed a major contract with MiLK Model Management in the UK on Thursday. The agreement makes Holliday (formerly known as Tess Munster) the first and largest plus-size model signed to a major modeling agency. At 5'5" and a size 22, the 29-year-old Los Angeles resident is far from your too-typical towering, slender fashion or beauty model. But her looks, perspective and charisma make her nothing short of electric in the industry See also: 15 Types of Sexts…