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    Is it time you took a 'workation'?

    30th July 2014 12:35

    With self-employment rapidly on the rise in the UK, Alex Bell from KashFlow explores the idea of looking at work/life balance in a whole new way. read more

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    The Ones to Watch: Suzanne Noble, Frugl (events app for people on a budget) [VIDEO]

    30th July 2014 12:33

    Name: Suzanne NobleCompany: FruglEstablished: February 2013Website: www.frugl.comTwitter: @frugl     Read all of BusinessZone.co.uk's The Ones to Watch

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    The ultimate guide to starting a new business [INFOGRAPHIC]

    30th July 2014 12:30

    Thinking about starting a business? Check out what you need to do in this infographic from DLR Accountants.

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    Start-Up Loans scheme breaks £100m in funding

    30th July 2014 11:16

    The 20,000th UK small business owner has received funding from the government’s Start-Up Loans scheme, taking the total awarded to over £100m.   This milestone means the initiative, launched in 2012, is now two-thirds of the way towards the target of supporting 30,000 businesses with £151m by 2015.   The 20,000th recipient was 55 year-old entrepreneur, Melissa Mailer-Yates, who was given £6,000 to finance her start up, Shakespuss & Co, a company which develops animated characters to make Shakespeare more…

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    What are the risks of ignoring your HR responsibilities?

    30th July 2014 08:31

     I spoke to an owner of a small business the other day who told me that he never gets around to doing the HR (human resources) tasks for his staff, it always gets pushed down the priority list. His thinking was that, although he knew he had certain legal responsibilities, ‘nothing bad had happened yet’. Does that sound familiar? We had a chat about some of the financial risks he was taking by ignoring his employment responsibilities and he very…

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    One of the world’s highest-paid athletes, World Player of the Year … and about to be prosecuted for tax evasion

    30th July 2014 07:03

    Earning £23.5 million each season in salary and bonuses and more than £13 million each year in sponsorship, Lionel Messi – according to Forbes magazine – is behind just three people, boxer Floyd Mayweather, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and basketball player LeBron James, when it comes to wealth. And – along with his father - he is about to be prosecuted for alleged tax evasion. Both men deny any wrongdoing but were accused last year of filing false tax returns -…

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    Surprise! Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Returns To Apple App Store

    29th July 2014 18:58

    More than six months after Apple’s controversial Bitcoin wallet ban, Blockchain is back in the App Store with a new wallet. In February, Blockchain was the only Bitcoin wallet remaining in the App Store after Apple deleted Coinbase in November 2013 and BitPak back in 2012. That is, until CEO Nicolas Cary got a message from Apple stating Blockchain had been “removed from the App Store due to an unresolved issue.” See also: Apple Deletes Blockchain, The Last Remaining Bitcoin…

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    Managing employees in the new flexible working landscape

    29th July 2014 18:06

    According to the recent report from The Office of National Statistics, one in seven of us now works from home, and this number is certain to rise as the new rules make it easier for employees to work flexibly. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is hoping for a change in culture within British workplaces. A spokesman from the organisation said, “family friendly policies and economic growth can go hand in hand.” It believes this change in culture around flexible…

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    Government pulls £50m funding from Silicon Roundabout project

    29th July 2014 17:52

    A much publicised £50m initiative to turn London's so-called Silicon Roundabout into a major building for startups has been dealt a blow as the government has pulled the funding. Launched by the prime minister in 2012, the intention was to transform the Old Street roundabout into a destination dedicated to startups and entrepreneurs, hosting classrooms and office space equipped with the latest 3D printing technology, to train entrepreneurs and provide a focal point for Tech City. But the Greater London Authority…

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    Android's Most Popular Apps Are Lousy With Bugs, Researchers Find

    29th July 2014 15:37

    About half of the 50 most popular Android apps have vulnerabilities, and the reckless reuse of code libraries is the blame, according to the researchers who uncovered  the Heartbleed security bug. Codenomicon, the IT research firm first to publish its findings about an OpenSSL vulnerability and dubbed it “Heartbleed,” reports that Android app developers often aren’t aware of the bugs they’re propagating when copying code from third party libraries.See also: Post-Heartbleed, Open Source Gets A New Security AttitudeThe company will…