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    Filling Your Ice Machine With Candy Is the Only Kitchen Hack You Need

    22nd October 2014 20:20

    We can all agree that frozen candy totally tops frozen water. Deric Peace submitted an image of his candy-filled ice maker to Reddit on Tuesday, which quickly got him upvoted to the front page of the website. Today he delivered with a video of his sugary, modified freezer in action. The idea is so simple and amazing that we'll even forgive Peace for the vertical video Just don't forget to shut off your ice maker. Some Genius Slowed Down Guy…

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    Microsoft Garage Is Now Open To The Whole Neighborhood

    22nd October 2014 20:08

    Microsoft clicked the Genie on Wednesday and invited the whole neighborhood into its online Garage to try out a handful of consumer apps that are still in the works. The opening of its once-private workshop, now available on the Microsoft website is the latest in the tech giant's goal to boost an image of open atmosphere for both developers and users. This softer side of Microsoft campaign took off soon after CEO Satya Nadella took the company's helm; it makes a…

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    Teen Girls Say Universal Horror Park Employee Called Them 'Sluts,' 'Whores'

    22nd October 2014 20:04

    LOS ANGELES — Two 13-year-old girls and their mothers say a female employee at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween attraction taunted them with sexist slurs and offered them to the highest bidder at The Purge: Anarchy-themed live show, and are demanding an apology and changes to park policy. The girls, Kayla Beals and Roxy Fisher, and their respective mothers Nancy and Sharla, are being represented by Gloria Allred, the Los Angeles attorney known for taking controversial and high-profile cases, especially involving…

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    Oops! Glitch Causes Some Apple Pay Customers to Be Charged Twice

    22nd October 2014 20:01

    Apple Pay's introduction on Monday went off without a hitch — until now. About 1,000 Bank of America customers using Apple Pay were mistakenly charged twice, according to Bloomberg. A processing glitch between BofA and at least one payments network caused the snafu. The issue will be resolved on Wednesday, according to the report. See also: How to Use Apple Pay: What You Need to Know Tara Burke, a Bank of America spokeswoman, told Mashable that "we apologize for this…

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    Twitter's Interactive NFL Fandom Map Is Nerdy Sports Fun

    22nd October 2014 19:59

    The Oakland Raiders have a popularity problem. Denver Broncos fans have a perplexing stronghold right in the Seattle Seahawks' backyard. Florida's football loyalties are more divided than those of any other state We know all of this because Twitter released on Wednesday an interactive map that breaks down National Football League fandom by team and county. It's fascinating to play around with — which you can do right here See also: All of Peyton Manning's NFL-Record 509 TDs in 1…

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    Um, 8 Seconds of Static Put Taylor Swift at No. 1 on Canada’s iTunes Chart

    22nd October 2014 19:44

    If you lived in Canada, you could've been getting down to this sick beat ... of static? A Taylor Swift audio clip called "Track 3" was accidentally made available to Canadian iTunes users, some of whom purchased it for $1.29 (though most likely got it because they have her album pre-ordered) only to receive eight seconds of white noise in return. Still, "Track 3" soared to No. 1 on the iTunes top singles chart in Canada. See also: 'Lion King'…

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    Scooter-Suitcase Hybrid Turns Luggage Into Transportation

    22nd October 2014 19:42

    Product designers just can't seem to leave suitcases alone. One of the most recent contenders for suitcase-of-the-future is the Olaf Scooter, which can be transformed for multiple uses See also: 13 Ridiculous Travel Accessories No One Will Ever Need Slovenia-based company Olaf has raised more than $50,000 via a Kickstarter campaign that ends Thursday; its original funding goal was $30,000. There are two different Olaf Scooter designs: one for urban settings and one for business use. For Olaf's urban design,…

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    Dreams Do Come True: Floyd Mayweather Beats Up Justin Bieber

    22nd October 2014 19:29

    Justin Bieber is no stranger to fights (cough, Orlando Bloom, cough), so he has employed Floyd Mayweather to give him boxing lessons. No, seriously. The WBC welterweight champion training Bieber is akin to Albert Einstein tutoring your 6-year-old in long division, but whatever. The Biebs has been sharing snippets of their sessions, but Conan on TBS obtained the "exclusive" (read: fake) footage from inside the ring. It's not pretty, but at least Mayweather can rest assured he'll remain undefeated. Filling…

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    FCKH8's F-Bombs for Feminism Ad Pulled From YouTube, Vimeo

    22nd October 2014 19:16

    These powerful little girls aren't f*cking around. For the latest ad campaign from t-shirt company FCKH8, the brand enlisted five girls between the ages of 6 and 13 to spread the word about issues regarding gender, race and sexuality One by one, these princess costume-clad girls address pay inequality, gender expectations and sexual assault with unexpected frankness. The clip features cursing aplenty ("Fuck that sexist shit!") amidst statistics about the pay gap, rape and violence against women. See also: A…

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    Ancient Europeans Kept Animals for Cheese, Not Milk

    22nd October 2014 19:15

    The DNA from ancient human bones is shedding new light on the prehistory of Europe, such as when changes in skin color and lactose tolerance occurred, researchers say. This research unexpectedly revealed that ancient Europeans started dairying thousands of years before they evolved genes to make the most of milk in adulthood, investigators added. Scientists examined ancient DNA extracted from 13 individuals in archaeological burial sites unearthed during highway construction in the Great Hungarian Plain in Central Europe. This crossroads…