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    Behind the Scenes on the Set of 'NCIS: LA'

    29th September 2014 21:21

    LOS ANGELES — NCIS: LA returns Monday for Season 6, and while it's now on a new night, it comes sporting the same wild action it's become known for. When Mashable visited the set last month, though, we saw no car chases, explosions or submarine rescues. But there were a lot of laughs — which isn't the case on every Hollywood set See also: All Your Fall TV Questions, Answered Check out some photos from our visit above. Have something…

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    Baby Won't Sleep? Try a Hangout With an Expert

    29th September 2014 21:15

    Having a baby can be exhausting. Aside from the growing it and pushing it out part, the first few months (or even years) are riddled with little sleep, interrupted sleep, floor sleep, rocking chair sleep and sleep that leaves you guzzling coffee like there’s no tomorrow. According to a study covered by the Daily Mail, new parents lose an average of 44 days of sleep in the first year, hence the coffee addiction. Of my three kids, baby No. 3…

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    Some Airline Passengers Are So Terrible, They Deserve to Be Called Out

    29th September 2014 21:05

    The friendly skies are not looking so friendly. Every passenger reclines the seat once in a while or accidentally leaves trash on the chair, but some take selfish flying to a whole new levelPassenger Shaming calls out blatantly inconsiderate passengers and puts them on display for all the Internet to see. See also: 'Modern Family' Editor Live-Tweets Plane Passenger's Drunken Meltdown The offending actions include clipping toenails, propping up feet or leaving a wake of destruction behind. Perhaps airlines should…

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    4 GMO Myths, Debunked

    29th September 2014 21:00

    The Flavr Savr tomato first hit grocery stores in 1994 To the layman, it looked like any other produce fresh from the farm: plump and bulbous, with a rich, ruby hue. But it was hiding a secret. Thanks to a carefully crafted genetic modification of its seeds, the aptly-titled Flavr Savr was able to stay ripe much longer than regular tomatoes. See also: 6 Major Climate Change Myths, Debunked Fast forward 20 years, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), just like…

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    Firefighters Save Family of Hamsters With Tiny Oxygen Masks

    29th September 2014 20:55

    There is no life too small to save The brave firefighters of Lacey Fire Department District 3 in Lacey, Washington, responded to a small fire in a mobile home on Friday, tweeting their progress as they contained the fire. See also: Japan Can't Get Enough Hamster Butts LFD3 currently working a mobile home fire in the 6800 block of Martin Waypic.twitter.com/JhZZ1bZLD5 — Lacey Fire (@LaceyFireDist3) September 26, 2014 After the firefighters extinguished the blaze, they discovered a small family of…

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    Kids Fail Miserably at Appreciating Skip-It

    29th September 2014 20:29

    This is one of those ... '50s toys, right? The Fine Bros asked kids for their thoughts on the legendary toy Skip-It, and we learned a few valuable lessons from their reactions For example: Kids today are not as receptive to corny commercials with lots of "WOW!" and "HEY KIDS BUY THIS!" as they were in the '90s. Kids with older siblings are surprisingly familiarized with the toy. Oh, and the fact that the commercials seemed to be gender-coded (no…

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    Adobe Photoshop Is Coming to Chromebooks

    29th September 2014 20:24

    Google just made Chromebooks an even more appealing option to schools and students. The company announced plans to partner with Adobe to offer a special cloud-based version of Photoshop to students and teachers who use Chromebooks in their classrooms. See also: 25 Best Free Android Apps The program, Project Photoshop Streaming, is still in beta and will be available to select Creative Cloud subscribers to start. Both companies promise the "streaming version" of Photoshop will have most of the same…

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    N64 Promo Video Brings Back All the Embarrassment of '90s Gaming

    29th September 2014 20:13

    If you want to see exactly how far gaming has come in 18 years, let's think back to the Nintendo 64, the groundbreaking console that went on sale in the U.S. on Sept. 29, 1996. To promote the upcoming console, Nintendo sent Nintendo Power subscribers a VHS tape — because it was 1996 — that featured a 15-minute commercial. Along with a lot of sight gags, backwards hats and ridiculous one-liners, the video did give players a long look at…

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    When 'Star Wars' Was a Hit — in Navajo

    29th September 2014 20:12

    The following exclusive extract from How Star Wars Conquered the Universe (Basic Books, 2014), is the story of the first movie ever translated into the Navajo language — and the impossible quest to find someone who knows nothing about the Star Wars franchise. George James Sr. was eighty-eight years old when I met him in July 2013, but in the crimson of a setting desert sun he seemed almost timeless. He wore a white Stetson and had leathery skin, a…

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    FAA Reviewing Security After Chicago Air Traffic Snarl

    29th September 2014 20:11

    WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration is reviewing security practices and how it deals with unexpected incidents throughout its air traffic control facilities following last week's fire at a Chicago-area air traffic facility, agency administrator Michael Huerta said Monday. The fire brought flights at the city's two busy airports to a halt and disrupted air service across the country. Authorities say it was set by a contract employee who also tried to commit suicide. By shifting controllers from the damaged…