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    James Corden is dashing in first promo photos for 'The Late Late Show'

    26th February 2015 20:56

    From the land that has already given us Harry Potter, Sam Smith, and Doctor Who comes the latest British import you might just fall in love with: James Corden The new Late Late Show will make his debut on CBS on March 23 and, if these exclusive first promo photos are any indication, it's going to be a dashing affair See also: A Mardi Gras ode to New Orleans by 'NCIS: New Orleans' star CCH Pounder Corden, who is well…

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    Facebook's new gender options let you choose anything you want

    26th February 2015 20:55

    Facebook is now giving users unlimited possibilities when it comes to gender identity The social network updated its site Thursday with a new custom field in profiles' gender section. The field allows users to type in anything they want. See also: You can now choose who will manage your Facebook account after you die Previously, Facebook provided a preset list, consisting of a few dozen options. Now, you can choose either male, female or custom. If you choose custom, you…

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    Hey Boston, Alaska called. It wants its snow and cold weather back

    26th February 2015 20:45

    Starting sometime in December, the Alaskan winter packed up and left the state, like an indignant teenager running away from home. No one knew where it was headed until late January, when the Frontier State's typical winter climate suddenly turned up moved more than 3,000 miles southeast, in southern New England Now, Alaska is eyeing the epic winter in places like Boston and Portland, Maine, with envy. Much as the cold weather in the lower 48 states has smashed records,…

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    A high-speed llama chase in Arizona gripped the nation today

    26th February 2015 20:30

    A live helicopter chase through the Sun City, Arizona area gripped the nation on Thursday. The targets of the chase: two large, surprisingly agile llamas. The suspects, one white llama and one black llama, sprinted through the greater Phoenix metro area, expertly evading capture. Both are now in custody. See also: 13 llamas llobbying for freedom It is not yet known whether the llamas escaped from a circus, a petting zoo or a federal llama prison. Some highlights of this…

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    'Afghan Girl' from famous NatGeo cover resurfaces at center of Pakistan controversy

    26th February 2015 20:13

    Sharbat Gula, the subject of the iconic June 1985 National Geographic cover at age 12, has resurfaced after it was revealed she was living illegally in Pakistan. The new photo comes from Gula's Pakistani national identity card, a document that a foreign national like Gula should not be able to obtain. See also: Photos from Afghanistan: Longest war in U.S. history comes to an end Gula's card has since been cancelled by the Pakistani government and, according to the Indian…

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    GoPro captures gnarly bro shredding on guitar while wakesurfing

    26th February 2015 19:45

    Dude. Can you get any more chill than this? Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Hau got creative and combined two of his favorite talents: shredding the gnar and shredding guitar. This gives a whole new meaning to "surf rock" Baby bat eats banana, makes us forget about rabies America can't handle the cuteness of a 2-year-old singing National Anthem You probably haven’t seen a stoat playing, but you should Elderly husband and wife pass away within hours of each other Read more...…

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    A round of a-paws for the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

    26th February 2015 19:41

    Another year, another victory lap for the Lab. The American Kennel Club announced its top breeds of 2014, and while the leader of the dog pack comes as no surprise, a few new furball faces pawed their way to the top. See also: A-to-Z dog facts about your favorite breeds This marks the 24th consecutive year that the Labrador Retriever was recognized as America's most popular breed — just a few hairs behind were the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever…

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    Verizon's response to the FCC's net neutrality ruling: '... ..- -.-. -.- / .. -'

    26th February 2015 19:25

    Verizon dashed off a quick response to the FCC's ruling on net neutrality — in Morse Code The telco used its Public Policy blog to relay its thoughts in dots and dashes. Then it helpfully provided a translation for "readers in the 21st century." The quick version? Verizon wasn't happy about the FCC's "Throwback Thursday" move. The commission's decision will "encumber broadband Internet services with badly antiquated regulations," Verizon wrote. "It is likely that history will judge today's actions as…

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    Men named John, Robert, James and William outnumber all women on corporate boards

    26th February 2015 19:01

    Despite public pressure to diversify company boards, the institution remains stereotypically familiar, according to a new report See also: 10 Types of Bosses You Don't Want to Work With So familiar, in fact, that members named John, Robert, James and William outnumber all female board members at S&P 1500 companies, according to an analysis conducted by the consultancy firm EY. Women hold just 16% of all board seats at these companies The good news is that gender diversity in this…

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    Samsung and HTC are poised to reclaim the biggest show in mobile

    26th February 2015 19:00

    Just a couple of years ago it seemed like Mobile World Congress, the biggest annual event in the mobile industry, was losing its luster. Worried that their new flagships would drown in a sea of announcements, Samsung, HTC and Sony held their pressers weeks or months before or after the show, which takes place every year in Barcelona in February. And CES, which thematically overlaps with the MWC and is held two months earlier, was beginning to take some wind…