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AvailabilityCal User Guide

AvailabilityCal User Guide AvailabilityCal is a tool for managing who you share you calendar with, whilst not showing them any details of what you’re doing, just when you’re free.

Asking people to allow analytics cookies to help you out

I spotted an interesting approach to asking for Analytics cookies on at the weekend.

Getting set up locally: what does it mean and why do developers do it?

Developers often need to get set up locally before they can work on a website, but what does that mean?

Beware local sounding fake news

It's easy for a website to make itself look like a newspaper, and look like it's relevant to you

I can’t log in to my website – are you using the right details?

There there are times when you may have 2 different logins to access your website. It's for a very good reason, and it's very easy to know when to use which one.

4 things you should never ask for in a website brief

When you're asking for a website quote, there are a few phrases you need to avoid if you want to get an accurate price.

New web marketing approach: temporarily freezing communications

I had an interesting email from Thortful recently, asking me if I'd like them to make sure I didn't receive any emails about Mothering Sunday. Is this something brands will be more aware of g

DOS, DDOS and Brute Force Attack: what are they and why do people do them?

Do you know the difference between a DDOS and a Brute Force Attack?

Why do hackers hack?

Is it for money, or just for a power trip?

How to change the canvas size of an image in Photoshop

Websites often need images to be made on the same size canvas to keep the page looking neat

How do you add video to your website?

Video is big news online and you've quite likely wondered how you could display video on your own website.

Does a padlock mean your website is secure?

Newsflash: Having a padlock next to your web address doesn't mean your site is secure