This is really quite simple compared to the rest of the coding we do here at 18a Towers, but it’s still fun!

If you visit – a website we’ve made for free to help promote our local area – then, depending on whether you visit it in the day or at night, you’ll get quite a different effect!

The site knows to show a day time background during the day, and a night time background in the evening onwards.

We originally built the site in 2008 for the GRAB campaign (Gloucester Road Alternative Bag) but have since given it a make over for it’s 2nd Birthday!

The site also uses the Bing Maps API to plot businesses on a map – we usually work with Google Maps but as this was an inhouse project we thought we’d give Bing a try and were quite pleased with the results!

If you’re a business on Gloucester Road, don’t forget to stop by and pick up your free listing.

Gloucester Road, Bristol