The Google Plus 1 (+1) button

When you search for something now on Google you may notice that beside some of the listings is a little grey box with a +1 inside. If you click on this it will add your count, much like a Facebook Like Button. If you have a website then you can also get the code to put this button on your website. If you click to like a website then your name will be publically associated to that website. You do however have to be logged into to Google or Gmail to see this and use it.

It is arguably Google’s fight back at Facebook, especially as Google has just released its social media Google + the latest to rival Facebook.

The question that now arises is how will the Google + button affect SEO. It will be interesting to see the difference between a standardised search (searching normally) and a personalised search (using the information from the Google Plus One Button)and watch the two grow. Especially in regards to how SEO will develop. So far with the personalised search it is believed that results may move up and down a place or two but the likelihood of  it changes pages is very slim.

There is also talk that over time Google will look at the +1 data and decide on a scale rating. This would mean that Google would look at your profile and judge how relevant a +1 from you is. So, if you vote and depending on what you vote on, you could have a stronger or weaker influence then someone who votes on the same thing.

Google has mentioned that it is planning on expanding its Plus 1 so that new publishes can integrate it on to pages with stories.