If you’re using your iPad in a presentation, you might want something more branded and professional than a photo of your cat as the background, whilst being more interesting that than patterns and generic squiggles the ipad comes with by default.

However – as we all know – the wallpaper/background on an iPad changes as you change the orientation of the device. So when you make your wallpaper you have to allow for this.

iPads will display your photo at 768px wide and 1024px tall whilst portrait, and 1024px wide and 768px tall whilst landscape.

The next thing to know is that your ipad will display the center of the image in either instance. So your wallpaper, in either orientation, will be centrally aligned.

So with this all in mind, consider that the middle area of your wallpaper will always show, but the edges will show differently depending on how the iPad is orientated.

The diagram below shows a (scaled down) image, with the red lines indicating what will show in different situations.

Once put into practice, you can see (below) how an image can suit both sizes.

If you’d like us to make you some iPad wallpaper, based on your company branding, please just get in touch. Prices start from £35 +VAT.