Thanks to Google and other search engines, every single page of your website is a potential door way into your site for a new customer.

Therefore it’s important that you repeat any key messages – perhaps any really important calls to action or sales messages – in the design of your site’s template, or give really clear navigation so people can find the information they’re looking for.

I bought something over the weekend which had VAT added at the checkout which was a bit of a surprise, and could have put some people off placing the order as it felt like a “hidden cost†snuck on at the end. It ends up there’s a big red message at the bottom of the home page that VAT is added, but I’d landed on the page for the particular item I wanted to buy and hadn’t had to view the home page during the whole of my time on the site. Even when I did, the message was out of site until I scrolled the page and read everything there.

Take some time to consider how someone might travel around your site if they arrive from different places – your home page is the most important page of your site and is the “main†entrance, but it’s not the only entrance and you need to consider if people will get lost or miss out on important information if they arrive from other avenues.