If you run an online shop, or a service which has any relation to Valentine’s Day, make sure you highlight this on your site.

So Valentine’s is perhaps the most hyped-up-by-salesmen holiday there is, but hey, I figure there aren’t enough causes for celebrations / special treats in the year, so a bit of an excuse in February is fine by me.

If you’re running any special offers, make sure they’re clear on your site. If you’ve got any relevant products, then again, make sure they’re highlighted. Speak to your web designer and/or developer about making some new graphics and making some products more relevant. Hotels should be advertising their Valentine’s rates, and restuarants need those special romantic menus available online.

Obviously some businesses lend themselves to Valentine’s more than others, so don’t try anything too tenous! But also, there may be more avenues than you think at first. Think about your customers – for example, in web design, we don’t sell websites to loved-up couples or the guy who forgot to buy flowers, but we can provide serices to our clients who do.

Take a leaf out of Edibubble‘s book – a sweet treats online shop which I saw this morning and prompted me to write this post – and spread the love! â™¥

Valentine's Day Marketing