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Well I picked the wrong day (yesterday) to decide to finally sit down and sort out the Talking Web Google+ page and try and tie up the string of old Google services / places pages my company has got.

I really thought their cropping tool was being weird – when it was cropping my newly uploaded cover photo to be far larger than the one that was there before… but a bit of refreshing later and it ends up I was using the tools mid-update by Google! Cover photos are now a lot bigger – 2120 x 1192 pixels infact. You don’t really see anything else now “above the fold†(as in, without having to scroll).

Don’t worry about the pixel dimensions if you’re not au fait with Photoshop or image editing software – just upload a big photo and Google have a cropping tool to help you make it to the right size.

As I mentioned above, the main reason I was playing on Google+ yesterday (other than it being my belated New Years Resolution to use it more) was because I was trying to tie my web design company’s old Google Places (map) page with a new Google Local page. And then link everything to our main company website so we get snazzy stand-out search results… I’m currently going through the postal validation service for this, so once it’s all sorted out (a couple of weeks probably – a long time to wait as I love getting post from Google! I used to be VERY excited to get Google Adsense checks – how often do you get checks from the US?!) I’ll write up the process for anyone else lost in the sea of every-changing Google products and services.