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PHP upgrade

Namesco taking down sites running on old versions of PHP

If you’re a Namesco customer with a website which hasn’t had much TLC for a few years, you may have received a scary email or telephone call from them. We received an email from a lovely lady called Ros who had received such an email, and – to Namesco’s credit, a phone call too. This […]

Does ChatGPT repeat itself and produce duplicate content?

Can we rely on ChatGPT to produce unique content for us each and every time?

COVID-19 Cyber Security Threats

Lately attackers have taken to abusing the Coronavirus Pandemic to trick you online.

COVID-19 Cyber Security Threats

How to avoid cyber crime during the pandemic

Ways technology is helping to fight coronavirus

There are many organisations and entrepreneurs doing what they can to help fight against the disease

Facebook Dark Mode rolled out across the UK

What does Facebook Dark Mode look like and how do you turn it on?

Are Apple to blame for the UK contact tracing app being shelved?

News is rife with how the UK's contact tracing app plans are stalled - with fingers being pointed at tech giant Apple.

How to help elderly relatives keep intouch with video calls

During this COVID-19 chaos, get your grandparents a smartphone so they can keep in touch.

Keeping motivated when the schools close: class room stand ups

Have a daily video call with your child's class mates so they can stay connected to school.

Stripe roll out changes to refund fees for old customers

Stripe are needing to make changes to how you're charged when you issue a refund to your customers.

Google Launches New Chrome Extension to Warn Users of Hacked Passwords

Google has introduced a browser extension to help you find out if your details have been accessed.

Twitter stop API access to warn off apps for buying followers

One of the biggest issues we see on social media is people faking their engagement by buying followers. Twitter has taken a step to tackle this problem, by removing API access to apps.