I received an interesting email from Shoes of Prey recently, which showed they’ve taken some updates by Gmail to heart and are trying to ensure their businesses isn’t negatively effected.

It hasn’t happened for me yet, but gradually Gmail users are having their inbox split into tabs for different types of emails. The tabs are Primary, Social and Promotions. Of course newsletters and sales emails are going to go into Promotions and then, let’s face it, you’re not all that likely to bother reading them!

So Shoes of Prey have taken pro-active steps to explain to their newsletter subscribers how they can avoid missing their emails. I don’t know how many people will take these steps to avoid missing out – I’m not sure how “vital†these emails are to some people! But it’s still always good to see a website/company on the ball.

Personally the lesson I’m learning from this is to send any newsletters from an email address my clients often correspond with me on – this should stand me in better stead of staying in their Primary tab.