Green People‘s new website offers a range of organic personal care products for your hair, skin and more. 

The launch of the new website introduced the new beauty hub, a dedicated page where you can access their news, reviews and latest blogs. On first glance the site seems fresh, easy to use and the colour scheme echoes the earthy, woodland products. However, I did pick up a few problematic areas which I thought I’d share.

What are they seling exactly?!

When you are on the homepage, navigating your way to the products is simple enough. At the top of the page you can find a tab entitled SHOP, a button you can click called ‘ SHOP GIFTS NOW’ and you can even click on the image of the gifts to take you to the product page.

The main issue is that at first glance it is a little unclear as to what the products are. When you hover over the image it would be good if you could zoom in on the picture so that you could see what comes in each gift set/ tube.

Organic beauty company Green People launch their new website

You need to actually click into each product to see a larger version of the image before deciding whether you like that product, as the descriptions above each of them are quite vague.

Organic beauty company Green People launch their new website

Why go organic?

When you scroll down the product information you can see what ingredients are in the product and again what they smell like; there is even a list of key plant actives with images further down the page. However there is no description of why you should choose this product or what the difference is between a non-organic product until you click on each list of key plant actives.

I think Green People are missing out on a big unique selling point (USP) which could be highlighted at the top of the product in the description underneath the price – why should you get this organic product? It’s great that they’ve gone to the effort to right this content but a summary somewhere more obvious may help their sales pitch. Perhaps it could be added as a short strapline underneath each plant active to summarise what each ingredient can do for you without having to click on each one.

Organic beauty company Green People launch their new website

Customer Reviews

At present there are few customer reviews which could be due to the fact that the site is quite new, however I think it would be great to include these for visitors going forwards. In addition, why not introduce a section where you can see what other products customers have bought who purchased the product you are looking at?

The Beauty Hub offers all of the information you could need within the blogs, advice page and further information on the ingredients but customer reviews are clearly missing and although Green People can say this product is great for you, it would be nice to have some word of mouth reviews from people at home, just like me who want to try the products out.

Perhaps within the question and answer section they should try to answer typical customer questions like can you use the shampoo on coloured or bleached hair, or is the face cream suitable for someone with eczema  – rather than just repeating articles from the blog.


It’s great to see that a certain amount of the product price goes to the woodland trust but it would be good to expand on this. Most of us don’t mind giving to charity, in fact it’s an added bonus that a donation is sent if you were going to buy the product regardless.

However, it would be nice to see how the donations help the woodland trust, perhaps introducing a “read more” option on the donation buttons or having a tab on the home page where you can see how your money makes a difference.

With lots of businesses competing in the organic market now this factor may be a main reason for buying your organic products from Green People as opposed to getting it from your local organic shop or elsewhere on line.


There are a few tweaks I would make to the site in order to continue with consistency and usability, perhaps the order of the home page needs to include an intro into who they are and what they do somewhere near the top, perhaps making more of the awards they have won.

However, the site offers a wide array of all things personal care, includes products for the whole family rather than concentrating on beauty products for women alone, offers some free gifts upon check-out and offers some great extras like the Beauty Hub which could help this site stand out against it’s competitors – as well of course as bringing them SEO traffic.

With some minor tweaks and more consumer reviews this site could be ideal for those wanting to be more organic and those conscious about the woodland environment.