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Web Design: Figma vs Photoshop

Figma is the new kid on the block of design tools and is fast making a name for itself. Here's how we think it compares to Adobe's Photoshop for webdesign.

3 things the .Gov website could do to improve the COVID-19 test booking procedure

If you're booking a COVID-19 test, you might spot a few things that leave you wondering what to do...

A creative example of taking a break from Instagram

Taking a break from Instagram over the summer holidays? Need a bit of a digital detox?

Helping parents keep away from the school office: ticketing desks for schools

Pupils in the UK are starting to head back to school as the COVID-19 lockdown eases, but with lots of new rules and considerations in place.

A brief review of

A UX review with some ideas and bug finding, carried out on

Web design favourites from this year so far

Working on the web means you come across a lot of websites and they don’t really stick in your mind unless they are super or super awful. So when I came some across three super great looki

Is your search too helpful?

When searching on websites lately I don't always find what I need right away.

How did the web cover the Olympics?

Another Olympic Games has come and gone - and the Internet kept us updated every step of the way.

What if your website didn’t need a colour palette?

How about if your website design changed colour depending on the content of your home page at any one time?

Creating a website with SquareSpace: A review

Having always designed, built and coded my graphic design studio's previous websites in HTML, using CSS stylesheets, some JQuery and the odd plugin or two, there came a point where it felt ri

NHS Case study: keeping user experience as smooth as possible

Every time I visit the NHS website from a link in one of those pregnancy/early years emails I see a prompt to sign up for the same newsletter.

Organic beauty company Green People launch their new website

The new Green People website is packed with useful information and looks great - but could benefit from refined product names.