If you’re an email marketer then you’ve probably come across Litmus. The software allows you to test your emails and see previews of how it will look in over 50 apps and devices. They can send your email out to real email clients who open your email and Litmus takes highly optimised screenshots your email and then send you the previews.

Litmus and Microsoft team up

So far Litmus has done this without the support of the email client manufacturers, but now they’re teaming up with Microsoft to help identify rendering bugs and issues and ultimately make email campaigns better for thousands of email marketers and the millions of people who use Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft is the first major email client to partner up with the email marketing community making email better for Microsoft users and marketers alike. They support testing in Microsoft-powered email apps, including Windows Mail 10 and the Outlook app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which are free to Litmus users.

Litmus announced the partnership at its annual industry event, The Email Design Conference in Boston which was held on 15th-17th August 2016. Litmus and Microsoft will be working together to fix bugs and let the email community know how issues were fixed and resolved, with Litmus collecting bug reports and reporting to Microsoft directly, coming together for the campaign #MakeEmailBetter.