A little while ago Google launched a program for their Maps app.

‘Local Guides’  is positioned as a global community where anyone can take part and become a guide. By writing reviews, uploading images, adding or updating location information , a local guide not only gets to promote their favourite place of interest but they get rewards along the way.

As a guide, you can earn points for each aspect of the review, from the image you upload to the review you write but these points also mean prizes.

  • Level 1 users (0-4 points) can gain access to exclusive contests.
  • Level 2 users, (4-50 points) can try out new Google products and services before anyone else.
  • Level 3 users can display a special badge that shows inside the app, and ..
  • Level 4 users (200- 499 points) can get their Google Drive storage upgraded from 15GB to 1TB, which usually costs £7 a month.
  • Guides with over 500 points are even eligible to attend Google’s inaugural summit.

 Whilst perhaps getting the do-good feeling that you’re contributing to society, you can also arrange hang outs, local walks, meet new people (apparently) and make google maps more up to date and informative for other users.

If you create a meet up in your area there are resources you can download (like name badges, guide stickers and a checklist for the meet up) to assist with your event. If you’re a Level 2 guide, you can submit your event to Google who may help to promote it.

Although ‘Local Guides’ echo’s similarities of the well-known TripAdviser, this feels a little different … there’s a social angle and a feeling of unity, knowing you’re not only assisting others to discover new and exciting places in your local area but you’ve got the added bonus of receiving rewards for doing so!