Instagram have recently announced a new feature that they’ve added to their platform at Facebook’s F8 conference where they’ve added offline support for Android. This means that you can now browse through posts and even create posts without an internet connection.

It works by showing you any posts that have already been downloaded while you were connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data plan. These downloaded images will be able to view, comment on, save and like. But any action that you make whilst offline will only be published when you’re back online. So, if you were to create a post whilst offline it will be saved as a draft and will be posted when you’re back online. You’ll also be able to see content you’ve loaded when previously online like profiles you’ve visited and posts in the explore tab.

Now Instagram has added this new feature it means that even if you have a dodgy connection you will still be able to use the platform. Which is great as many of Instagrams users are outside of an accessible internet connection zone, so Instagram needed a way to provide a better experience for users with limited network connectivity or no data plan. We hope that they will start looking into adding other Instagram features to the offline mode like Stories and Direct Messaging and also looking into adding the offline mode to iOS.