Facebook has unveiled its new helpful messenger tool. Although Facebook has said it’s new it’s not actually very new at all, it was released in 2015 to selected users and simply went quiet for a year or so. 

Similar to Cortana, Siri or Microsofts Clippy the Paperclip like an electronic spy, ‘M’ will listen in on your conversations to see if it can help you with anything.

Facebook says that ‘M’ could help users add calendar entries and reminders when users are scheduling an event. And even more ambitiously, displaying a payment option when it thinks that users are talking about money.  It also adds links to an Uber when it thinks that users are talking about going somewhere and offering to facilitate payments. And in addition to this, it will also show you a poll if it detects that users are trying to make a decision about something. Crazy I know! Another feature that it has is that if someone said “hello” to you it will recommend a waving or hello gif to send back. Although this may be helpful in some respects it may also be densely irritating.

At the moment ‘M’ is only available for US users of Facebook messenger, and unfortunately, you can’t entirely turn it off, you can only mute some of its suggestions.