Sucuri has recently announced that they have joined the GoDaddy family. In an email that they sent out to its customers, they stated that they are now a GoDaddy subsidiary and will be retaining their entire team so that they can continue to service their customers. By doing this it allows them to scale their product to millions of customers around the world. 

Although being bought out by GoDaddy, Sucuri has said that they will still continue to operate independently so that their customers can still get the quality of service and product that they expect from their team. But they have said that their customers should expect improvements in the coming months as Sucuri continue to invest in their product and teams. And because of the ownership change, they must align their terms, policies, and practices with those of the GoDaddy family. The revised policy will become effective on the 21/04/17. On this date, it will govern all applicable information that Sucuri maintain about you and any applicable information that they collect from you going forward.

Any questions, concerns can be answered at or via the Sucuri Dashboard.