A recent news report from FSB Business Profiling found that smaller UK business owners have a strong appetite to embrace digital growth, but a lot of them are struggling to keep up with the pace of digital change.

One of the top ranked problems named by small businesses was the lack of online visibility.  Small businesses are lacking the time and resources to unlock the value of social media, thus not making their online presence known.

The report also found that a lot of small businesses have still not had their website mobile optimised. This is a large problem nowadays as more and more people are using their phone to view websites and not a desktop. In addition to this 89% of small businesses have little or no social engagement with their audience while almost the same amount of businesses have not even replied to their customer’s feedback. This is a problem that many businesses seem to not think anything of, and seem to simply brush it off or ignore

All of the issues detailed above are hindering potential growth as well as cost saving opportunities for the UK’s small businesses.

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